Killer Creek Harley-Davidson®
I let Dustin know I was in the market for my first Harley. I have had nothing but sport bikes for many years and I'm not as young as I used to be so I wanted to ride sitting back and not leaning forward and wanted I to look bad ass. Harley it was! Dustin invited me to a demo day so that I could experience all of the different models. Dustin also answered all of my annoying questions and if he didn't know the answer he made sure and found out for me. One day I popped in on my lunch because I was in the area and there she was right up front! I believe Dustin put her there on purpose because out of all the bikes outside my eyes could not see past my Fatty - 2018 Fatboy. I immediately asked about it and as soon as I know it we were on a test ride. Once again Dustin answered all of stupid questions and we were off. I dropped off my deposit immediately so that no one else could demo the bike. Dustin I believe sets other sales associates apart in the fact that the stupid questions do not bother him. Most not all sales personal get annoyed but he does a great job in making you not feel dumb and getting you an answer even if its a no. He is such a good salesman that I have no doubt I will be buying another bike from Killer Creek as long as he is around. If I was wearing a white suit I would still buy a Ketchup Popsicle from Dustin Devereaux and the staff at Killer Creek. Now I will proceed with my wind Therapy! (Employee: Dustin Devereaux)
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Jose Soto